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Overnight stay

solo basis

$80 per night  (up to 24 hours)
No other dogs will be accommodated.
Ideal for unwell or elderly dogs who do not enjoy doggie company.   Also perfect for dogs who need that one-on-one care.
Includes walking - duration to suit.

Overnight stay 

share basis

$50 per night  (up to 24 hours)
If you are happy that we may have another dog stay at the same time, this is our most popular booking.
Perfect for the happy and social dog, includes morning and afternoon walks.

Day care only

$40 per day share basis

$70 per day solo basis
Ideal to give your dog some company and care for the day and includes a morning or afternoon walk.  Depending on bookings, it could just be your dog or they may have a doggie companion for the day.

Premium Dog Boarding
Rates and options