Little Miss Millie has checked in for the week. ... it's her first time staying away from her family, but so far she's settled in well and particularly liked cruising around the garden with Rufus πŸ’œ


Archie is just the biggest cuddle-pot, but he does love to have fun playing too... he's perfect πŸ’™


Meet Trixie... she's a newbie to our Oodles family. Trixie has such a good time when visiting for daycare... she's a little pocket rocket labradoodle 🀎


Floyd would much rather have an afternoon nap than do any exercise. He's super friendly and laid back πŸ’™


Bernedoodle and Super-model Cleo... gorgeous inside and out. Only problem is she doesn't like to pose for a photo πŸ’œ


A big warm welcome to our first time guest, Willow. Willow lives in Dampier and is having a little holiday with us while her family are caravanning πŸ’œ


It's Billy's first big adventure away from his family. We are looking forward to Billy spending Christmas at Oodles πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Mega Cuddler Leo

Leo is like a big cuddly teddy-bear πŸ’™ Always available for a cuddle when he visits.


Young and playful Penny has checked in for her first ever sleep-over. Mom and dad need not worry as she's having a ball 😍


Playtime with Beanie.... she is such a great dog... we're in love... again x


MONTY loves to wrestle... he's been enjoying the garden and playing with our other guests, but don't leave any soft toys lying around 😘


One of my favourite boys is back for the weekend.... big softie COOPER xx


Someone's had a good afternoon! Alfie and Oodles is a match made in heaven πŸ’™

Ace resized

Sweet little Ace has arrived for daycare. He is loving the playtime with Snickers πŸ₯°


We're looking forward to getting to know CHEWIE... he's such a sweet little boy. He's 7 months old, 5kgs, very inquisitive and he loves his rabbit πŸ’™

Ayla resized

Ayla ... also known as Princess Zoomie. She has such a good time and loves making new friends while visiting for daycare πŸ’œ


Jasper ... not roughing it too much, he has made himself right at home πŸ’™


Dusty having a great time in the garden πŸ’™


Such a cuddle-pot... meet Ollie, who is a mini-labradoodle πŸ’™


Someone is loving their stay at Oodles... meet Jemma πŸ’œ


Miss Tilly... such a gorgeous girl. We love seeing her most weeks πŸ’œ

Sophie and Fifi

Cuteness overload with Sophie and Fifi ... they are so adorable πŸ’•


Rufus is a gorgeous boy. He's super gentle with the little ones and is also happy to give lots of 30kg standard poodle cuddles.πŸ’™ Only problem is he's a toy thief, so watch out our other guests πŸ˜‹


Meet Percy... a nice big walk down to the lakes always helps our first time guests settle in to the Oodles lifestyle 🐾


Pepper's first day at Oodles... she enjoyed having Tilly to keep her company 😍


Gracie ... enjoying the garden on her first day at Oodles πŸ’—


Miss Minnie.... 3kgs of adorable-ness πŸ’œ


Snickers loves big long walks down to the lakes to watch the ducks. He is also one of our best photo models as he is very happy to pose... we love having him stay πŸ’™


A big warm welcome to our first time guest Ronnie πŸ’™


One of our biggest groodle guests... meet handsome Ari πŸ’š


Lover-boy Lloyd... always in for a cuddle πŸ’™


Sweet little Dexter popped in for daycare today.


Meet Fergus... my new little friend πŸ’™ He's quite the explorer


Super-cute Khalo visits Oodles for daycare. He's so excited to have lots of grass to play on and loves making new friends as he's super social. πŸ’™


Dolly is such a bundle of joy... she's just the cutest little cavoodle πŸ’•


Rosie is having so much fun in the garden. She is such a sweetheart πŸ’œ


Super social young George is visiting for a couple of days πŸ’™


.... and this is ALVIN - always kissing and cuddling at every opportunity πŸ‘„

Archie Barrett

A big warm and cuddly welcome to Archie on his first visit to Oodles. He's super sweet and playful πŸ’™

Our first Bordoodle boy... meet Tex.  Photo courtesy of his mommy.

TEX... our first Bordoodle guest. Photo courtesy of his mommy. Too cute in his bow tie.


Casper (aka King Cassie) is a gentle older boy. He has more luggage than me when I go away for the weekend πŸ˜‚


Such a sweet natured cavoodle.... Rosie is welcome back any time. Gorgeous girl πŸ’Ÿ


City slicker Basil was happy to have the beach entirely to himself πŸ’™


Sweet little SMUDGE, she's a 10 month old, very little cavoodle. We're in πŸ’œ


Meet Miss Daisy... cute as they come and a real sweetie. She's totally made herself at home.... with not a care in the world.


I love it when Louis comes to visit. He is just the most handsome and intelligent poodle. It's like you can have a conversation with him, and he knows exactly what you're saying.... he's a joy to have visit.


We've been looking forward to Macc's arrival πŸ’™ Macc is with us for the weekend and his daddy has given permission for him to go swimming, so that should be fun and cool 😎


Sienna Rose visits us from Albany and just loves to share the love, and is happiest when there's a ball close by 🧑


Keeva enjoying a yummy picnic lunch down at the inlet, under the sheoaks πŸ’š the sweetest little bundle of happiness you could ever meet x


According to Lola, blondes definitely have more fun 😍


Ralph is a bit tired after playing chasey with Lola πŸ₯°


Our little senior, Miss Marlee is giving me the look.... 'more chicken jerky please, it's my breakfast routine' πŸ˜‚


Eddie our very cuddly Groodle guest... just 12 months old and weighing in at 30kgs.


Cavoodle happiness with Nash πŸ’™πŸΎ


Muffin just loved the safety of our garden ... he did lots of exploring.


Winston of the party and chief cuddler 🐾


Meet GEORGE... he has a very cheeky personality and can often be seen wearing a top-knot with pride πŸ’™


13+ year old Arthur is still quite spritely in his senior years. He's enjoying the sunshine and a bit of exploring.


Alfie is being the perfect guest, and such a handsome boy πŸ’™


Miss Penny takes the Award for Best Snuggler! She is always so well behaved on her visits... she's a pleasure to have stay πŸ’œ


Still full of beans is Bella at 8 years... very sweet πŸ’œ


You just can't not fall in love with Leo our gorgeous Groodle guest... he's such a sweetheart πŸ’™


Gorgeous Nina


Taz enjoys swimming and will dive in to the pool to fetch a toy. He's a very sweet natured boy, who just loves to be wherever you are πŸ’™


Dougal is a quiet and sensitive boy who is really enjoying the Oodles garden. He doesn't like the sun and will always aim for a shady spot πŸ’š

Meet Lilly, she has a few special needs, as unfortunately her eyesight and hearing have faded over the years, but she's still a very happy little girl 🧑


Bonnie is one of our best behaved labradoodles. Her only funny little habit is she has an aversion to doorways πŸ’•


I love looking after our seniors... Millie is still doing well at 16 years πŸ’œ


Coco exploring the garden


Wow, 12.5 years young and so adaptable. Ellie has settled in straight away... such a sweetieπŸ’—


Bella... all happy now her preferred bed is set up with her favourite things x

Ollie web resize

Loving and bouncy Ollie... such a good little boyπŸ’™

Sweet little Olivia... she has such a gentle personality... she's a sweetheartπŸ’œ

IMG_4564 cropped

Miss Lucy ... Lhasa Apso X Border Collie X Human


It always amazes me how different each of our little guest's personalities are. Meet DUSTY... he's very chilled and mellow πŸ’™


Hugo... our King Charles X Beagle first time guest. Such a friendly little guy.


April having fun at the beach. Our Lhasa Apso guests have all been super smart, and April is no exception πŸ’™

Happy little Mae πŸ’œ


Groodle puppy cuteness... meet Cosmo.... 4 months old and just a sweetheart πŸ’™


Daisy versus Elmo!


Just cruising Max... very relaxed but definitely loves his food πŸ˜€


Our little solo guest Frankie... he's a very cute miniature daschund.


Alvin... doing his gardening supervisor duties.


Teddy... a senior but very affectionate little chihuahua, popped in for daycare.


Ginny... very happy with her new toy


Maverick, who just loves to run and spend time at the beach.


Nina, such a beautiful girl

Louie and Bow

Louie and Bow, our solo French Bulldog guests. Although not oodles, we made an exception for them πŸ’™πŸ’œ They are great little characters and enjoy the freedom of the garden each time they visit.


Arthur... big play time, then big nap time for this little Cavalier King Charles puppy.

Coco and Jet

Coco and Jet.... our beautiful Poodle siblings guests.


Archie... always available for local play dates x


Cooper... such a beautiful boy πŸ’™


April in her favourite beanbag


Cute as a button, Poppi Lulu πŸ’œ

Sundae and Ginny

Sundae and Ginny... sharing is caring


Cooper... the Gentleman, such a sweetheart. He lives across the road and is always available for walks.

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