OODLES Dog Retreat
Frequently asked questions



Contact details     
P:  0420 744 680   Belinda Winter    

E:  oodlesdogretreat@gmail.com
A:  9 Quonday Way, Dalyellup (by appt only)

What do I need to bring?
We provide bedding but if you think your dog would be more comfortable with their own bed, please bring it along.

Feel free to bring any special toys and/or blankets etc which may help them settle in easier.

There is no need to bring their water and food bowls.

Arrival and departure times
We do not have fixed times for arrival and departure, but your preferred times are required at the time of booking, so we can co-ordinate our guests' stays.  We will try to work in with you whenever possible

Please bring your dog’s regular food and treats as this will reduce the risk of an upset tummy, and help to keep them in their routine.


Vaccination record
Please ensure that we are provided with a copy of your dog’s current C5 vaccination record as this is a requirement prior to arrival.


If your dog requires medications or supplements during their stay, please make a note of timing and frequency that these are to be administered, together with whether refrigeration is required.

There is no extra charge to manage this for you.

Flea treatment
We request that your dog has a flea treatment prior to visiting.   Flea treatments generally last around 5 weeks.

If we find that this is required on arrival, we will apply a single dose.

While you are away
We provide regular updates and photos, but feel free to email or message as we are very happy to let you know how your dog is getting along, and usually have contact with owners during their dog’s stay.


Boarding fees and additional charges
In general, all boarding costs are covered in our daily rates.  The only additional costs would be reimbursement of tick and flea treatment, additional food if purchased and veterinary costs if required.


Payment details
Due to the Covid situation, we have not been requesting our usual 50% deposit.  It would be 
appreciated if you could arrange payment prior to pick up.
Payment may be made in cash or by direct deposit to:

BSB     016-580     Account 5568 25585

ANZ    Osko PayID  0420 744 680 (Belinda Winter)

We also accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express but note a 2.2% fee will be charged to use a credit card.