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This form is designed for our new guests.   Please take the time to complete as it will help us understand more about your dog's habits and requirements, and ensure they have a happy stay.

Keep in mind that Oodles Dog Retreat is a caring, safe and personalised experience for your dog, and we trust you understand that we limit our guests to Oodles and similar breeds. 

Once you have completed this form we will be in touch regarding your booking, but in the meantime see our FAQ page for more information.

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  • driving in the car

  • in a crate or kennel

  • sometimes no reason at all

  • getting excited or playing

  • currently uses an anti-bark collar

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  • in a crate or kennel

  • sometimes no reason at all

  • getting excited or playing

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Does your dog get aggressive?

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  • around food

  • around other dogs

  • around strangers

  • around children

  • in own area / territorial

  • when fearful

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Experiences separation anxiety

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Fears loud noises such as fireworks or thunder

Has any other behaviour aspects that we should know

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Flea or parasite treatment

All guests accepted for accommodation must be free of fleas and ticks, and up to date with their flea and tick treatments. If fleas, worms or other parasites are found on a guest, Oodles Dog Retreat is authorised to apply the appropriate treatment for the guest and charge me as the owner/carer accordingly, and I agree that such charges will be payable on the guest's departure from Oodles Dog Retreat South West. 

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